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I'm of the opinion that eventually the human race will cause such massive global warming that we'll nearly destroy our species. The few of us remaining will probably evolve into something LIKE human beings, but not really the same species at all. Eventually we'll most likely get wiped out by some kind of cosmic space debris (comet, asteroid).

Eventually however? In about 5 billion years (our sun is 5 billion now and most stars live about 10 billion) our sun will eventually go supernova. In the process it will swell and expand and suck up Mercury, Mars, and Venus (and perhaps Earth). Even if it DOESN'T swallow Earth up, it will become so hot that it will fry our planet to a crisp before it's core will collapse and then sink in on itself becoming a black hole of doom.


Apparently I am mistaken. Our sun isn't going to go supernova. It's going to turn into a White Dwarf. However, it will still expand into a Red Dwarf first, suck up the first three planets, fry Earth to a crisp, and then expel all of its radiation into a nebular ring. This is all very interesting to me. Granted, again, i'm not going to be here to see it. More's the pity.

THAT, my friends, is how our planet is destined to die. Will human beings still be around in that amount of time? I sort of doubt it. Dinosaurs lived on Earth for about 165 million years and people haven't been around anywhere NEAR that long.

Who knows what will happen to the human race? I'm not worried about it. I'll be SO dead by then...and even if i'm moving through one of my next lives...I hope to GOD by then i'll be close to ending my wheel. Seriously.

In other news...I actually managed to get somewhere around 6 hours of sleep last night. I usually sleep BADLY on Thursday nights, so this was a welcome change. I'm hoping to make a trend of it. Yay.

I'm going to lay here and watch this copy of X-Men Origins that I have here. Whoopie!


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Author: Conjure Lass!
Title: High Tech Underwear
Rating: R
Pairing: Uraichi
Warnings: Mentions of sex, cussing, some nudity and groping, semi-crack fic.
Summary: In which Kisuke gives Ichigo a pair of Underwear he cannot possibly refuse.
Author's Notes: This one is for YOU [ profile] 2metaldog who gave me this idea about an hour ago. This is just a drabble (an 800 word drabble) so don't be expecting perfection...but it IS funny. And as always, the rest of my fictions can be found here at my fiction index. Hope you enjoy!

High Tech Underwear )

I can so see Ichigo's face during the VAST majority of this fic. Hope you guys get as much of a kick out of this as I did.


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I hadn't done one of these sorts of things in FOREVER. So, for my beloved Flist and visitors to my journal, I bring you my Uraichi Fanmix of Love!

Medium: Anime/Manga
Fandom: Bleach
Subject: Urahara x Ichigo
Title: Lighthearted Love Affair
Warnings: None that I can think of unless you count some bad 80's pop music.
Notes: I've never seen this pairing have a fanmix before, so seeing as how they're my OTP I decided to give them one. This is a very happy way to look at the pairing, and there's no real running theme except the amusement of being in love.

On With the Mix! )

Most of these songs are silly and ridiculous, but they remind me of this pairing. I hope you all enjoy what i've put together for you!




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