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Wooo! It's only four days late, but at least it's finished! I hope you like it Pup! Let me know if i'm allowed to share it with the communities or not. :)

Author: Conjure Lass!
Title: 24-7
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: HIchichi
Warnings: Cussing. Light sexual innuendo. Fluff.
Summary: Birthday surprises!
Author's Note: This is, of course, very cute and fluffy...but it's a birthday fic! It's not supposed to be angsty and stuff! Happy Birthday [ profile] 2metaldog!

24-7 )

Yaaaay! I love Shiro so much. I wish I could take him home and naughty things to him. Mmmmm...


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Another fic?? Only two weeks later! I must be sick!

Here you go Puppy! This is another one for [ profile] 2metaldog since she's the one who is helping me out with this little series of one shots.

The prompts for this fic were as follows!

1: Sunglasses
2: Melting Ice Cream
3: Vibrating Cell Phone

Somehow I managed to make this WAFF. Don't ask me how. *shrug*

Title: Good Vibrations
Rating: PG-13
Pairing:: Ichigo x Shirosaki
Word Count: 5300
Author’s Note: You’ll probably need to read Indissoluble before you read this one. They’re going in order of seasons! I’m so clever (riiiiight)

Good Vibrations )

I hope you like this one too Puppy! Again, i'm going to leave this public so other people can read it...i'm such a whore for reviews. *rolls eyes at self*
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WOOHOO! It took me all day but I finished it!

I promised [ profile] 2metaldog that when I finally got into the Bleach fandom that I would write her a story that was to her liking. Well, she likes this pairing (though she adds Zangetsu and I don't dig that soooo...) and so I wrote her this little one shot. Granted, it could potentially be turned into a little series, but I kind of doubt it.

The prompts for this fic were as follows:

1: Strawberries
2: Warm Summer Rain
3: The cloth end of Zangetsu's hilt.

And this is what I came up with!!

Title: Indissoluble
Rating: Pg-13
Pairing: Hollow Ichigo x Ichigo
Word Count: 4800
Author's Note: Egads! I hope these characters aren't OOC. I tried really hard t make them in character, but one can never really tell. This is my first Bleach fic, so be kind!!

Indissoluble )

OMG I hope you like your present Puppy!! I'm going to make this entry public so other people can read it, cause i'm vaaaaain like that. *giggle*



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