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Author: Conjure Lass!
Title: Dial 9 for Tete-e-Tete
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Uraichi
Warnings: Solo Action, Dirty Talk, Cuss Words
Summary: In which Ichigo is at school and Kisuke decides to make good use of his new cellular phone.
Author's Notes: This was actually a prompt/idea that was given to me from someone off Yeah, I know, I was shocked too! And since I liked it so much, I decided to write it right away! I really, really enjoyed writing this, and I think it shows. And as always, this is a piece of my Overlooked Collection which can be found here at my fiction index. Hope you enjoy!

Dial 9 for Tete-e-Tete )

Waaah! I loved this one so much! I think I have a crush on my own damn story. How vain. *rolls eyes at self*


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Author: Conjure Lass!
Title: Tattered Stockings
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Uraichi
Warnings: Anal, Oral, Rimming, Crossdressing, Light Bondage, Light Sensory Deprivation, Men Lovin' Men in that Humpty Hump Way...the usual.
Summary: Ichigo and Kisuke take a little time out from the annual Halloween party to indulge in some "trick or treating".
Author's Notes: Happy Halloween everybody! This is my gift to all the really awesome people who read my fics and inspire me! Porn is a good way to reward people right? And this is PURE SMUT. Nothing more, nothing less. Please note that this fic falls into my Overlooked Collection which is part of the Sour Apple series which can all be found here at my fiction index. Enjoyyyy!

Tattered Stockings )

This one's for you [ profile] madrona_8! Ask and ye shall recieve!


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So, in an effort to really get the emotion down of these two (I need that to write smut, otherwise it won't come out right), I have begun a collection of drabbles. They fall into the Sour Apple storyline and are meant to be taken somewhere between the first chapter and the fourth.

Author: Conjure Lass!
Title: Overlooked: A Collection
Rating: Pg-13 overall
Pairing: Urahara Kisuke x Kurosaki Ichigo
Warnings: None, just rampant fluff. Wee!
Summary: Our relationships are made of tiny moments strung together to form the bigger picture. These two are no different.

This is where you'll find all the chapters of the Overlooked collection (from first to fifth so far)! You can also find this on my account if you feel so inclined under the name Easily Overlooked.

Overlooked )

Thanks guys! Loves!



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