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Title: What Are you Doing New Year's Eve?
Author: Me! [ profile] conjure_lass
Pairing: New York x London
Author's Note: Okay, so this is a gift for my pal [ profile] aeld to celebrate the New Year. I used her original Hetalia characters New York and London. Please take time to read her lovely comics, as they're very fun, and amazingly clever. She's the only person who's ever made city-tans that I not only approved of, but really loved. Towards the end of the story, feel free to listen to this song.

So! Here you go! Happy New Year!

What Are you Doing? )

So there we have it! My last bit of writing before 2011! I'm going out tomorrow night, so I hope you all have a great time! Stay *SAFE*, because you know there are shitloads of people out there acting like morons on New Year's.



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Hey guys!

I was looking through my books today and I discovered that i'm running out of room for...well...just about everything!

That being said, I have decided to part with some of my old manga that I don't really read anymore and probably will never read again.

Death Note: Complete Set of Manga (1-12): These are in VERY good condition. They look like you'd just gotten them at the book store.

Ouran High School Host Club: Issues 1,3,4,5 and 9: Again in very good condition. I don't even think I read issue 9.

Sugar Sugar Rune: Issues 1 and 2: I never got into this series, so these two manga have literally been read once.

Angel Sanctuary: Issue 1: Read once. Still has the sticker from Border's on it.

Yu-Gi-Oh: Issues 1-7: Complete first series set. This isn't the duelist series, but the one before it that is the beginning of the Yu-Gi-Oh story. These aren't really in the best condition. They're not falling apart or anything, but the pages are yellowed from exposure and they're a little warped. Perfectly readable, but not nice.

Yu-Gi-Oh: Duelist: Issues 1-3: Same condition as the above Yu-Gi-Oh mangas. They're readable and look all right, but they're not perfect like the others i'm giving away.

I'd really really like to get rid of these all in one go. I don't MIND splitting them up, but I really would prefer to be done with these guys to make some space. I'll give them to whoever wants them for the price of shipping. I just want them gone. However, if you feel the desire to give me any money for them (don't feel obligated to do so) I would not turn you down.

Any takers?


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Um...someone bought me a puppy for my LJ.


Thank you whoever you are. You made me feel better!

I don't know what's wrong with me today. I have just been terrible today. I feel like i'm offending people left and right and just being a prat. I'm not meaning to. Sorry if I was snarky Em, it wasn't intentional. Sometimes my mouth (virtual or otherwise) runs away with me. *laugh*

I'm going to write a bit more tonight. But first! Shower.

Don't you all go imagining me in the shower naked now.

*eyes you all*


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I hadn't done one of these sorts of things in FOREVER. So, for my beloved Flist and visitors to my journal, I bring you my Uraichi Fanmix of Love!

Medium: Anime/Manga
Fandom: Bleach
Subject: Urahara x Ichigo
Title: Lighthearted Love Affair
Warnings: None that I can think of unless you count some bad 80's pop music.
Notes: I've never seen this pairing have a fanmix before, so seeing as how they're my OTP I decided to give them one. This is a very happy way to look at the pairing, and there's no real running theme except the amusement of being in love.

On With the Mix! )

Most of these songs are silly and ridiculous, but they remind me of this pairing. I hope you all enjoy what i've put together for you!



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So I was going through some old junk in the spare room when I happened upon a large bag of old comic books. I had thought i'd gotten rid of the better portion of them, but this bag was HUGE. I could barely lift it.

That said, would anyone like all of them...any of them? If you'd be willing to front the cost of shipping i'd be more than happy to ship them out to you. And if you geniunely want to BUY the whole load from me (that would make me super happy), i'd be willing to talk with you about price. Almost every single one of these comics is in good shape, with no tears or real damage. They're yellowing at the tippy tops of the pages because they're almost 15 years old and they haven't been in bags.

I'd be more than happy to take pictures...blah blah blah.

Anyway...on with the (not very short) list.

As you can see...I liked the X-Men in my teenage years )

Again, please have a looksie at these. In the end, i'd just like to get rid of them. They're taking up space that I don't have and I don't think i'm ever going to sit down and read them again, nor am I ever going to pick up comic collecting as a hobby again. These days comic book stories SUCK, but back in the 90's they were GOLDEN. That was the most awesome years to be into comics.



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