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Title: Snow Blow
Genre: Romance/WAFF
Character(s) or Pairing(s): UsxUk
Rating: PG for light cussing
Warnings: None really. A little cussing. Self-Beta.
Summary: The traditional shoveling of winter snow, with a twist.
Author’s Note: This little fic is for [ profile] crystalmir who helped me find a fic that I’d been dying to read. She wanted snow/winter WAFF. I think I somewhat accomplished that goal. Hope you like!

If this was a “light dusting”, than Arthur was the Pope.

A “light dusting” involved things like driving three miles under the speed limit or warming up your car five minutes early. A “light dusting” was a few centimeters that melted under your heel the second you set foot in them. A “light dusting” was not the sort of snow that impeded you from opening the front door or that brushed the top of your knees when you sank down into it. This…this was definitely not what Arthur would have classified as a “light dusting”.

“Your flight’s been cancelled,” Alfred said as he walked into the living room, sliding his iPhone into the back pocket of his jeans. Arthur glanced away from the window and glowered at him, though the expression was more habitual than anything else. It wasn’t as though getting stuck in Georgetown was anyone’s fault but the snow’s.

And maybe the weatherman’s. He’d never really trusted that unsavory lot.

“I suppose this means I’m stranded here for another night.” He turned to blow softly onto the frosty windowpane, watching his breath fog a small circle in the glass that he slowly drew his finger across. He’d never been the biggest fan of winter, especially not the endlessly obnoxious winters that seemed to plague Alfred’s northeastern parts. Half a meter of snow was definitely not what Arthur considered a picturesque winter scene.

“Awww,” Alfred cooed, wrapping his arms around Arthur’s midsection and nuzzling at his ear. “It’s not so bad, is it? Another night with me?”

“I suppose not,” Arthur conceded with a small smile, leaning back. It had been nice, just lying in bed watching the winter storm through the open curtains. The snowfall had glittered and danced in the glow of the streetlamps as it piled on the rooftops; a delicate performance that had lulled Arthur into a contented sleep with Alfred a warm weight at his back.

A plowing truck rumbled noisily down the street, piling an enormous heap of snow across the front of Alfred’s driveway, effectively blocking in his SUV. Cursing under his breath, Alfred stepped back and stomped over to the front door, opening the coat closet to rummage around inside. In his search a few pair of flip-flops were thrown out into the hallway along with a strange inflatable alligator and a half-used bottle of lube.

Arthur blushed and fidgeted. My, how had that gotten in there?

“What’s wrong?” Arthur asked, watching Alfred struggle to get on a pair of rubber boots that went up to his knees. “What are you doing?”

“They always do that!” He began buttoning up his woolen pea coat, fussily wrapping his stars and strips scarf around his neck. “Now I’m going to have to go out there and shovel the damn driveway. But I’ve got a secret weapon this year!”

Secret weapon? Images of miniature atomic bombs and massive heat rays flashed through Arthur’s mind as Alfred opened the front door and trudged outside. The sound of the car’s ignition cut through the mid-morning hush, after that the garage door opening, a small amount of clattering about and then…

A snow blower. Alfred was dragging a bloody huge snow blower out of the garage and into the yard, pausing to open up the manual as though he’d never used the damnable thing before. He probably hadn’t. Arthur ran his hand down his face and begrudgingly began putting on his coat and gloves.

“Alfred,” he called, throwing his arms out to either side of himself when he began to lose his balance in the snow. “Can’t you just use a shovel like a normal person?”

“I’ve done that for twenty years! Twenty years!” Alfred threw the manual out into the snow and rubbed his hands together. He reached for the pull cord. “But not anymore! This year, that snow is going down!”

“Or up, you bloody git,” Arthur said, pointing towards the sky. “You realize that snow is going to go everywhere, right? That’s what a snow blower does.”


“I’m going to get a shovel.”

So while Alfred attempted to get the snow blower working (eventually discovering it had no gas and going into the garage to get some) Arthur shoveled. There was a fair amount of snow back behind the car, enough that the rear wheels were nearly 3/4ths of the way covered. Nevertheless, it wasn’t anything he couldn’t handle. There had been many a winter he’d spent here in America, moving snow with shovels quite a bit less sophisticated than the one he was using now. If he could shovel the full meter of snow they’d gotten back in the 18th century than he could certainly deal with this.

He was taking a moment to catch his breath when the motor of the snow blower roared to life, Alfred giving a thumbs-up as he began pushing it enthusiastically along the front walkway. Snow billowed into the air in great arches, pilling halfway out into the yard and flying into the branches of the nearby trees. Arthur took a few steps back, leery of the fact that Alfred seemed to be getting closer and not wanting to get hit by any flying debris.

“Be careful, you idiot,” he called, putting the shovel up in front of his face to block some of the larger balls of snow. “You’re going to put my eye out!”

“What?!” Alfred called back, pushing the blower ever closer, sending enormous torrents of snow piling directly on top of Arthur’s head.

“Dammit, Alfred!” Arthur shook his hair out and took another step backwards, crying out when he slipped and fell into a rather large drift. The shovel flew from his hand as he flailed about like a madman, not able to properly get up due to the ever-increasing snow being dumped all over him and the lack of proper traction. This was…positively humiliating. If the neighbors could see this, he’d have to pay them off to keep them quiet. He’d never be able to show his face in public here again. Never.

He hadn’t realized his eyes were tightly closed until he opened them again, looking up to see Alfred hovering over him, a worried look glittering in his very blue eyes. Arthur blinked, snorting a bit of snow out of his nose. The low growl of the snow blower had been silenced, and the only other sound he could discern was the giggling of some children a few streets away. Well, that and the ringing in his ears, but he hardly thought that counted.

“Are you okay?” Alfred picked him up off the ground and held him close, maneuvering them towards the car. “I’m sorry! I need a little more practice with the blower.”

“Indeed,” Arthur replied somewhat weakly, raising a curious eyebrow when he was set down in the backseat of Alfred’s SUV. “What the hell?”

Sliding in beside him, Alfred smiled apologetically and began brushing snow off Arthur’s head and coat. “Well, it nice and toasty in here, and you’re all cold! What better place to warm up? Don’t want you catching pneumonia!”

Scoffing dubiously, Arthur leaned back to survey the younger nation. “Alfred,” he crossed his arms and pursed his lips, “was this an elaborate scheme to get me into your backseat?”

“No!” Alfred defended, wide-eyed and innocent, waving his hands in front of himself as though warding off a blow. “No, no! Nothing like that!” Moments passed while Alfred seemed to be thinking things over, his expression of innocence slowly melting into something decidedly more indecent. Sliding closer, he ran his chapped lips along Arthur’s cheek, stopping when he reached his ear. “But if you want, I can definitely help warm you up.”

“People will see,” Arthur protested, his voice anything but convincing. He popped open the first two buttons of Alfred’s coat and ran a hand inside, coming to rest over his steadily beating heart.

“I have tinted windows.”

“There isn’t enough room.” The coat slid easily off the taller man's shoulders, the scarf quite effective in pulling him close for a chaste kiss.

“Aren’t you the one always telling me how unnecessarily large my SUV is?”

And really, Arthur couldn’t very well argue with that.


I rather enjoyed writing this! I hadn't written UsxUk in a while, and I sort of missed writing America. He's adorable to write.



Date: 2011-11-29 02:17 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I was going back and reading some stuff, can you tell? Hee. Anyway, this was so cute! Cute and WAFFy without being too much WAFF at all -- and that's one thing I love about your writing. I also love their voices -- the way you write them and what they're doing and thinking, I can hear the actual tones in their voices when they speak. :)

Date: 2012-01-31 06:19 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
This is lovely. Had to laugh though, because an American company did, in fact, develop an invisible heat ray. They're currently testing it for crowd control in a California prison.

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