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Title: Traffic part Deux: The Tailback from Hell
Author/Artist: [ profile] conjure_lass
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Fr/UK
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Oral sexings, PWPings, Human Namings, Purple Prosing, Self-Betaing.
Summary: After surviving the Place de l'Étoile, now Arthur is faced with an even more pressing danger. The infamous M25 traffic...and French pop music.
Author's Note: If you'd like to read the first one it's here.

Traffic part Deux )

I hope you all enjoy another round of my random storytelling! Loves!


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Title: Traffic
Author/Artist: conjure_lass
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Fr/UK
Rating: PG-13 for swearing and metions of sex.
Warnings: Bad language
Summary: Arthur had faced many dangers, but nothing would compare to Parisian driving and the dreaded Place de l'Étoile.

Traffic )

This was something I just sort of wrote because I thought it was fun. Hope you all enjoy it, even though it probably has a mistake or two!


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Title: New World
Author/Artist: [ profile] conjure_lass
Character(s) or Pairing(s): France, with FrancexAmerica implications
Rating: PG
Warnings: Mentions of blood? Disturbing mental images?
Summary: France contemplates his own meaning of freedom after a disturbing nightmare.
Author's Note: A serious piece? No real fluff? FrancexAmerica? I've gone insane!

New World )

This scene came to me on a whim and I felt like I just had to share it. I like my France a little on the serious side, so be duly warned.


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Title: Present Tea Time
Author/Artist: [ profile] conjure_lass
Character(s) or Pairing(s): UsxUk, FrancexCanada, Combinations
Rating: PG
Warnings: A few cuss words, switching between nation and human names?
Summary: Five slices of life, brought together by a common theme: Tea.
Author's Note: I challenged myself to write 5 interwoven scenes based on a common theme that were no longer than 500 words a piece. It was a fun challenge!

Present Tea Time )

I'm actually very, very pleased with this piece. I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. :)


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Title: Name That Tune
Author/Artist: [ profile] conjure_lass
Character(s) or Pairing(s): UsxUk
Rating: PG for language
Warnings: Mindless fluff! Boy Bands! Ass Slapping! Slightly Cracky!
Summary: When Arthur's dreams of going to the Take That concert are dashed, his ever-present hero is there to make sure he gets to go.

Name That Tune )

Please forgive this jaunt into crackiness. I couldn't help myself.


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Title: Discovery
Author/Artist: [ profile] conjure_lass!
Character(s) or Pairing(s): FrancexUK; France POV
Rating: PG
Warnings: Language, really bad French on my part, sap?
Summary: England doesn't have a national day? It's a travesty!! France sets out to rectify the problem in one glorious night.

Discovery )

France was just too much fun to write. I apologize for this not being betaed, but I didn't want to bother my beloved beta when she isn't feeling her best, so I just went ahead and posted it as is. :)


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Title: Afterglow
Genre: Romance
Pairing(s): USxUK
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for mentions of sex and nudity. AND SAP.
Summary: It's the hottest day in recorded history in Washington D.C. and two nations are coping as best they can.
Author's Notes: Wouldn't it suck for AC to not be commonplace? Yeah, that's where this came from.

Afterglow )

Hope you all enjoy! This is another one that just kind of popped up out of nowhere. I'm glad for these little one-shots though. They're keeping my creativity alive for now!


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Title: Gloriana
Genre: General/Romance
Pairing(s): USxUK, Mentions of UKxElizabeth I
Rating/Warnings: PG rating: mentions of historical figures if that's not your cup
Summary: A chess game, the Battle of Brandywine, and an unusual question all set to the backdrop of Handel's Water Music.
Author's Notes: I read a story a few days ago that had mentions of Elizabeth I and found myself intrigued. This is sort of a tribute to that.

Gloriana )

I wrote this hour. I never write over a thousand words in an hour, so i'm a little nervous as to this piece's quality. It's un-betaed, so all mistakes are my own. Please enjoy anyway!


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Title: Zenith Star (1/?)
Genre: General/Eventual Romance/Family
Pairing(s): UKxUS (Toddler!US in this chapter)
Rating/Warnings: This first chapter is pure G, though I feel I must warn you of the insane amount of WAFF this contains. Seriously. You will get cavities.
Summary: A series of moments set throughout history, each one changing the dynamic of two nation's relationship.
Author's Notes: I tend to write slice of life fictions more than anything else, so if you're looking for a concrete plot you are very likely to be disappointed. Also, I will write a fiction of their choice for the person who can tell me why I picked Zenith Star as the title. Feel free to google. It's a little obscure. *laugh*

Zenith Star )

I really hope everyone enjoys this. I had a lot of fun writing it. I had hoped that it would be finished in time for Father's Day, but alas it was not. Many thanks to [ profile] akuni for betaing me; she's the best.


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I'm of the opinion that eventually the human race will cause such massive global warming that we'll nearly destroy our species. The few of us remaining will probably evolve into something LIKE human beings, but not really the same species at all. Eventually we'll most likely get wiped out by some kind of cosmic space debris (comet, asteroid).

Eventually however? In about 5 billion years (our sun is 5 billion now and most stars live about 10 billion) our sun will eventually go supernova. In the process it will swell and expand and suck up Mercury, Mars, and Venus (and perhaps Earth). Even if it DOESN'T swallow Earth up, it will become so hot that it will fry our planet to a crisp before it's core will collapse and then sink in on itself becoming a black hole of doom.


Apparently I am mistaken. Our sun isn't going to go supernova. It's going to turn into a White Dwarf. However, it will still expand into a Red Dwarf first, suck up the first three planets, fry Earth to a crisp, and then expel all of its radiation into a nebular ring. This is all very interesting to me. Granted, again, i'm not going to be here to see it. More's the pity.

THAT, my friends, is how our planet is destined to die. Will human beings still be around in that amount of time? I sort of doubt it. Dinosaurs lived on Earth for about 165 million years and people haven't been around anywhere NEAR that long.

Who knows what will happen to the human race? I'm not worried about it. I'll be SO dead by then...and even if i'm moving through one of my next lives...I hope to GOD by then i'll be close to ending my wheel. Seriously.

In other news...I actually managed to get somewhere around 6 hours of sleep last night. I usually sleep BADLY on Thursday nights, so this was a welcome change. I'm hoping to make a trend of it. Yay.

I'm going to lay here and watch this copy of X-Men Origins that I have here. Whoopie!


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Author: Conjure Lass!
Title: Guardian Division
Rating: PG
Pairing: Uraichi
Warnings: One cuss word. A bit AU. Mentions of Death.
Summary: Urahara Kisuke, Angel: Guardian Division, was given the task of watching over Kurosaki Ichigo upon the day of his birth. Now, nine years later, when his angelic ward needs him most, Kisuke finds that sitting by watching is no longer in the cards.
Author's Notes: This one-shot was based off a doujinshi I purchased and fell in love with. Since I cannot read it I had to make up my own storyline, but I like to think that if the original author of the doujinshi were to read this that they would appreciate it. This doesn't fall into my Sour Apple storyline and is meant to be taken completely on its own. However, the rest of my fictions can be found here at my fiction index should you wish to read them. Hope you enjoy!

Guardian Division )

I, of course, took some liberties with the plot of Bleach. However, it does eventually merge back into the main storyline, so I like to call it "Semi-AU". Hope you like it! I think its pretty good!


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Author: Conjure Lass!
Title: Dial 9 for Tete-e-Tete
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Uraichi
Warnings: Solo Action, Dirty Talk, Cuss Words
Summary: In which Ichigo is at school and Kisuke decides to make good use of his new cellular phone.
Author's Notes: This was actually a prompt/idea that was given to me from someone off Yeah, I know, I was shocked too! And since I liked it so much, I decided to write it right away! I really, really enjoyed writing this, and I think it shows. And as always, this is a piece of my Overlooked Collection which can be found here at my fiction index. Hope you enjoy!

Dial 9 for Tete-e-Tete )

Waaah! I loved this one so much! I think I have a crush on my own damn story. How vain. *rolls eyes at self*


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Author: Conjure Lass!
Title: Upside Down Cake
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Uraichi
Warnings: Oral, Anal, Language, Boys smexing Boys.
Summary: In which Kisuke has a birthday party and Ichigo gives him a special present.
Author's Notes: This piece is...NINE days late. Kisuke's birthday is, of course, on New Year's Eve and I had intended to get this out then...but...we all know what happens to the best laid plans. I'm not too confident with this piece, but I hope you'll all enjoy it anyway! And as always, this is a piece of my Sour Apple storyline which can be found here at my fiction index. Hope you enjoy!

Upside Down Cake )

I had never written Kisuke on bottom before. I think I enjoyed it as much as he did!


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Author: Conjure Lass!
Title: It's Cold Outside
Rating: PG
Pairing: Uraichi
Warnings: None this time! Unless you count shameless Christmas fluff as a warning.
Summary: In which Ichigo has to go home, but is persuaded otherwise.
Author's Notes: This was inspired by the song Baby, It's Cold Outside which was brought to my attention as good Uraichi fodder by the lovely [ profile] 2metaldog. Of course, I agreed. It was perfect for this pairing. And as always, this fiction falls into the the Just Desserts arc which can be found here at my fiction index. Hope you enjoy!

It's Cold Outside )

Happy Holidays Everyone! I hope you enjoy this bit of fluff! I enjoyed writing it a LOT.


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Author: Conjure Lass!
Title: High Tech Underwear
Rating: R
Pairing: Uraichi
Warnings: Mentions of sex, cussing, some nudity and groping, semi-crack fic.
Summary: In which Kisuke gives Ichigo a pair of Underwear he cannot possibly refuse.
Author's Notes: This one is for YOU [ profile] 2metaldog who gave me this idea about an hour ago. This is just a drabble (an 800 word drabble) so don't be expecting perfection...but it IS funny. And as always, the rest of my fictions can be found here at my fiction index. Hope you enjoy!

High Tech Underwear )

I can so see Ichigo's face during the VAST majority of this fic. Hope you guys get as much of a kick out of this as I did.


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Author: Conjure Lass!
Title: Enemy’s Toils
Rating: PG-13 for really foul language
Pairing: Grimmichi
Warnings: Ummm…cussing for now. Eventually more.
Summary: How one moment in time can drastically change your entire outlook on life.
Author's Note: Chapter three! Omg yay! If you’d like to read the rest of this series, please feel free to do so here at my fiction index!

Enemy's Toils Chapter Three! )

Sorry i've been gone so long guys! I've been creativly sapped and off-kilter for a little while. Not sure i'm 100% yet, but I was good enough to give you this! Hope you enjoy.


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I hadn't done one of these sorts of things in FOREVER. So, for my beloved Flist and visitors to my journal, I bring you my Uraichi Fanmix of Love!

Medium: Anime/Manga
Fandom: Bleach
Subject: Urahara x Ichigo
Title: Lighthearted Love Affair
Warnings: None that I can think of unless you count some bad 80's pop music.
Notes: I've never seen this pairing have a fanmix before, so seeing as how they're my OTP I decided to give them one. This is a very happy way to look at the pairing, and there's no real running theme except the amusement of being in love.

On With the Mix! )

Most of these songs are silly and ridiculous, but they remind me of this pairing. I hope you all enjoy what i've put together for you!



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Author: Conjure Lass!
Title: Apple Parfait
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Uraichi
Warnings: None unless you count Fluff.
Summary: An autumn date turns into questions and answers.
Author's Notes: Here's a short little interlude that originally began as a piece about autumn. It morphed into this and I actually really like it. It's opening up all sorts of new avenues for this story to take on. *giggle* And as always, this is a piece of my Sour Apple storyline which can be found here at my fiction index. Hope you enjoy!

Apple Parfait )

And now that this piece is finished I'm moving onto [ profile] akuni's present! It's finally set up in my head and I think its gonna be GREAT.


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I don't know what possessed me to make all these, but have some Labyrinth icons!

Labyrinth? Yesh? Yesh! )

I'm not sure how LULZY some of these are really. I started to run out of inspiration towards the end both artistically and "haha"ically. Hope you all enjoy them anyway!

Usual rules apply. Credit me if you want; I don't really care if you don't. The plain icons can be used as bases. whatever you want to these. They were made completely for fun. I also have the screencaptures (and some other random ones I didn't use) if anyone is interested.

[Edit]: Hur Hur...I have two identical icons up there. Well shit, i'm not gonna fix them. Fuck that. I'm gonna leave it be.


Happy Halloweeen!

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